How does a company participate?

Please click here to contact the CGRS Secretariat

Where can I obtain more information on the rating methodology?

Please click here to visit our ratings page

How do you ensure that self- assessment done by companies is reliable?

To motivate companies to assess selves honestly, results of self- assessments done by companies will be published and audited by independent third party. In case of an established overstatement, sanctions will be applied.

Do you offer customized corporate governance rating/ assessment for private companies?

Yes, Please contact the CGRS secretariat

How can the fiduciary awareness training be assessed?

The training is available upon enrollment in the course. It can be accessed online and an offline version can be ordered

What is the pass mark of the Fiduciary Awareness Certification Test?


How do you eliminate bias in the selection of stakeholders used in the Corporate Integrity assessment

The stakeholders that will be questioned during the external assessment by an Independent External Assessor are randomly selected. Also, stakeholders respond on an anonymous basis